Passive Glasses Laser Cavity Materials S7010N, S7005 and S7000

S7000 is a clear, cerium-doped silicate glass used as a laser cavity material. It is also available to serve as a UV cut-off material. S7005 is a laser cavity material with 5 % doping of samarium oxide. This material is usually thicker than 6 mm. S7010N is a laser cavity material with 10 % doping of samarium oxide. This glass is recommended for most applications. SCHOTT offers a complete line of commercial filter glasses and can produce with a full range of doping levels for specific applications.

Optical Properties

Nd 1.563
vd 55.7
n1054 nm 1.561
n1054 nm 1.552
UV Cut-off at 10% Transmission, Thickness of 5 mm [nm] 300

Physical Properties

Density, ρ [g/cm3] 2.83
Thermal Conductivity (25°C), κ [W/m•K] 0.80
Thermal Conductivity (90°C), κ [W/m•K] 0.96
Young’s Modulus, E [GPa] 78
Poisson’s Ratio, ν 0.247
Thermal Expansion, α 20-300°C [10-7/°C] 111
Transformation Temperature, Tg [°C] 452
Softening Point (107.6 poise) [°C] 598

Chemical Properties

Weight Loss in 50°C Water [mg/(cm2•day)] 0.180
Acid Resistance SR pH = 0.3 at 25°C 1.2
Alkali Resistance AR pH = 12 at 50°C 1.0
Staining Resistance FR pH = 4.6 100 h at 25°C 1
Climatic Resistance CR Water Vapor at 40 – 50°C for 30 h 1 - 2
Samarium Content [wt% Sm2O3] 0

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