Spherical optics

Our company produces optical lenses of all types. ARD- Optics offers a wide assortment of high-precision lenses from different optical materials.

In accordance with the customer`s requirements we produce lenses of different configurations.

Material Sapphire, Fused Silica, Ge, Si and other optical materials, Optical glasses of all types
Dimensions From Ø3mm to ø500mm
Thickness Tolerance +/- 0,02
Diameter tolerance +/-0.02
Surface Quality up to 20/10 by < MIL-PRF-13830 B
Flatness to λ /8
Centering 2’ :- 5’ (depending on R)
Radius of Curvature Plano-convex, Biconvex, Plano-concave, Biconcave, Meniscus
Coatings AR/AR