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ARD-OPTICS was established in Armenia in 2007. The founders of the company are specialists in optical production from three countries: Armenia and Germany.

Mr. Ruben Babasyan (the director of the company)
Impex HighTech GmbH

Currently, the shareholders of the company are: Mr. Ruben Babasyan and Impex HighTech GmbH.

The company has over 900 sq. m. of production space and 35 employees. Our senior management team has includes experienced experts with several years of track record in the field of optical production, as well as talented young professional abilities. Complementing the depth of our technical staff is the breadth and experience of our senior management team. 

The company has all the necessary equipment for the production of wide range of optical elements (planes, cones, tubes, spheres, etc.) from sapphire and other optical crystals and glasses. The use of interferometer allows manufacturing of high precision optics, particularly lase mirrors and domes. The company also uses technological line of two-sided processing of leucosapphire, optical glass and other materials.

Optical plates can be cut up to the diameter of 133 mm, cutting of slugs is possible for the size of up to 50х200х400 mm. Diamond drilling of apertures with diameter ranging from a few mm to 50 mm can be implemented. The company also conducts grinding and polishing of domes with diameter of up to 200mm.

The flatness of high precision optical elements is measured by digital interferometer ZYGO MK II-0.1 with the accuracy of up to λ/20. Each high precision optical element is certified by interferogram at the customer’s request. Micro-optics is controlled by digital optical microscope.

High precision optical elements reach surface quality of S/D 10/5 in accordance with MIL 13830 standard.

All products can be certified in MIL 13830 or ISO 10110 standards at the customer’s request.