Sapphire and glass lightguides

Optical lightguides are used in medical installations for processing integuments for the purpose of achievement of certain therapeutic effect, epilation, removal of tattoos and so forth.

ARD-Optics manufactures rectangular parallelepipeds sapphire and optical glass lightguides, all surfaces of which, including facets, are well polished. We have produced more than thousand similar products with various overall dimensions 48x40x13mm, 20х20х50 mm, 10х20х50 mm and 10х20х25 mm.

In addition to the sapphire parallelepipeds, we have manufactured optical lightguides of various shapes (cylindrical, conical, pyramidal and combined) at the customer’s request. Optical light guides from quartz glass have been produced as well.

The list of such specific products constantly widens, and we are ready for the consideration of new inquiries of our customers.