Fused Silica Cerium Doped

Cerium doped quartz is a clear fused quartz doped with cerium oxide. This material has significant applications in flashlamps for laser pumping. The UV cut off at approximately 380 nanometers ensures that harmful UV is eliminated from the pump chamber.

M 382 Plus is a cerium doped fused quartz without trans- mission below 382nm – blocking UV light. It is typically used in applications in which high surface quality, good homogeneity and low bubble content are required.

M382 Plus is produced by oxy-hydrogen flame fusion. The raw material is produced from high purity synthetic quartz crystals and a cerium containing dopant.

M 382 plus

M 382 Plus is a Ce-doped (uv-free) material customized in a multi-step production process. M382 Plus is developed for special applications where very high quality, regarding homogeneity, bubbles and inclusionsis required.

Heraeus applies proprietary multi-step processing that results in a free drawn tube (drawn without the use of a die or mandrel). The resulting lamp has nearly blemish free surfaces, no airlines, a very low bubble content and high homogeneity.

Due to our multi-step production process these tubes are available in a practically unlimited range of diameters and wall thickness.

Multi-step tubes are available in small batch quantities.

M 382-S Plus is a Ce-doped (uv-free) material with special treatment to optimize uv-block along 250nm.