ARD-Optics manufactures sapphire prisms and prisms from other optical materials.

We manufactures the following types of prisms- prisms for lightguides, Dove prism, pentaprism, Porro prism and etc.

We manufacture the prisms of a complicated configurations and other types at the request of the customer with length up to 400mm.

Dove Prisms

Dove prisms can be used as an image rotator, the output image rotates through twice the angle that the prism

rotates through. Dove prism also can be used as a retroreflectors.

Right Angle Prisms

Right angle prisms are most popular of all prisms. Right angle prisms are used to deviate beam through 90°, when beam enters

normal to right sides, and as also a retroreflector to deviate beam through 180° when beam enters normal to hypotenuse.

Materials: Sapphire, N-BK7, UV Fused Silica, other optical glass. TeO2 crystals