Sapphire windows for luxury watches

Sapphire protective windows of irregular shape
Spherical and cylindrical sapphire windows for first class (de luxe) watches

Thanks to its strength properties, sapphire is often used in those products where strong mechanical effect is present, such as scratched from dust particles. It may seem strange at first sight, but glasses of common watches undergo such kind of effects. Therefore, watch producers use sapphire for these glasses in certain models. Generally, such glasses have flat surface and recntangular shape. They are produced in large quantities and are cheap. But for first class(deluxe) watches, watch design requires use of spherical and cylindrical surfaces, the production of which is carried out through a different technology and is not used in mass production.
In addition, irregular shape of glasses with polished decorative faces is often required. We offer to our consumers such kind of products.

Shape of two polished surfaces

  • Flatness-sphere
  • Concave sphere
  • Convex sphere
  • Flatness-cylinder
  • Concave cylinder
  • Convex cylinder
  • Complex according to the client’s drawing or pattern (combination of flatness and sphere/cylinder on one side), laser cutting and surface engraving.

Shape of the glass

    • Round
    • Rectangular;
    • Rectangular with rounded corners;
    • Complicated according to the customer’s drawing or pattern with sapphire engraving (engraving on sapphire)